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World-leading luxury home buying, lifestyle, and relocation magazine.

The Prestige Real Estate Magazine is a luxury home buying, lifestyle, and relocation publication. Each bespoke edition assists well-respected and reputable Real Estate brands to communicate with their current and potentially new clients. We aim to educate and support as they continue their journey in the housing and relocation market.

Prestige Realty
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  • Target Audience/Demographic Showcase your fantastic home-related business directly to a target audience ready to buy in the home and relocation market.

  • Recommendation Build a sustainable working relationship and have a solid association with your ‘highly reputable real estate affiliate’ resulting in recommendations of products/services and potential word of mouth referrals.

  • Design We design your bespoke business advert that will be carefully designed to your exact brand requirements by our professional experienced in house graphics team.

  • We Deliver Like our ‘Prestige Hotel’ publication - Prestige Real Estate Magazine is an excellent print product distributed to the right audience at the right time. Our product represents excellent value for money and will offer a consistent solid return on investment for our advertiser partners.


Each edition profiles all the important information our real estate partners/affiliates may wish to communicate to their ever-important clients such as warming messages from their management and team, brand information, lifestyle content, local educational establishments, medical facilities, buying and selling information plus much more.


The premium branded magazine is a guide for partner real estate agents to distribute during valuations to potential new home buyers looking to relocate to a new area.

Prestige Real Estate publications are utilized by many of the worlds leading Real Estate companies. Our publications are entirely self-funded and therefore produced at no cost to our Real Estate professionals.


We know what our customers want...

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